Deb's Big Backyard

  Deb's Big Backyard

2014 Highlights of Deb's Big Backyard On the Road

Urban farmers Kathy and Neill Driscoll grow hops at Forest Park Community Garden.  Photo by Kevin J. McCarey



Video by Kevin J. McCarey


By Deb Quantock McCarey


It has been a good year for edible gardening, and a productive season for learning new ways to live responsibly in the natural world from each other. 


From January 2014 to now, thanks to gardening and green folk like you, in words, pictures and video, we have explored the sustainable practice of backyard composting and more at Oak Park's Annual Earth Fest.  We have also walked through a green-built home to learn about greywater usage, gone nose-to-nose with a beekeeper, and took in tips from a West Cook Wild Ones seed saver and a butterfly gardening expert.


Along the way, we have chatted up lots of edible gardeners (at Sugar Beet Co-ops Edible Garden Tour) and met a birder and local naturalist who helped us better understand the ways of birds.  We also discovered why  beneficial insects, pollinators and pesticide-free gardening are important.


In celebration of Halloween, we took a walking tour though a local cemetery to dig up some Civil War history


So... take a few minutes to look back now, and we'll meet up again somewhere green in 2015. 

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