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  Deb's Big Backyard

Beet it: Time to Plant Cool Weather Veggies AGAIN!

video courtesy of Kevin J. McCarey



by Deb Quantock McCarey


I used to think that some of the veggie seeds I planted in the Spring, and am harvesting now, were one and dones.


That's just not true, because salad crops such as lettuce, spinach, and cabbages, as well as a few root vegetables, can be resown now, and harvested in the Fall.


Last year, I did successive plantings, and learned that I really like beets, especially grilled.


These cool weather plants, a.k.a. the garden greens and hardy root veggies, including beets, carrots and Kohlrabi, are some of the ones that thrive through an early frost.


Here's another cool factoid:  radishes can be sown once a month until they stop producing, usually after the first fall frost.


At least that is among the tips I took away from a visit with  my gardening bud, John Seaton, who is the former manager of the Oak Park Conservatory.  Last August,  we chatted about this around now then, so I am offering it again as a gentle push for anyone who loves eating fresh food from the garden into late October, and perhaps a bit beyond.





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