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  Deb's Big Backyard

Building a No-Fuss Cold Frame

Video and photos by Kevin J. McCarey


by Deb Quantock McCarey


Over a year ago, when community gardener Seamus Ford, the co-founder of Root Riot Urban Garden Network, first showed me how to build a no-fuss cold frame, sans power tools, the garden project went on my list of future must-dos.


In the first week of November, undoubtedly spurred by the unseasonable window of warm weather, off the so-called back burner it came, and my spouse Kevin and I began piecing together our "new" four-season cold frame using old bricks, several buckets of mother earth as mortar, and a salvaged double pane window.



SIMPLY SAID:  Cold frames are bottomless growing boxes, with a removable window lid, that sit over plants in the garden to create a solar heat sink that provides a place for cool weather plants to flourish a couple of extra weeks past the first frost -- or possibly even over winter.


Right now, in it I have transplanted my end-of-the-season kale, Swiss chard and parsley, as well as directly sown some lettuce and spinach seeds, hoping they will grow and be salad-ready by Thanksgiving.




In spring 2016,  I will use it to directly sow hardy veggies outside earlier, as well as  “harden off” my heirloom tomato starts, prior to transplanting them outdoors.



So, in the spirit of recycle, reuse and re-purpose, here's a revised release of the DBB video we did with Seamus Ford in Spring 2014.


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